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Jai Ven Skin is a husband and wife team passionate about living a non-toxic, organic lifestyle close to nature. Dr. Aguilar has over 20 years of experience in the organic skin care industry formulating products for his professional line DNA Skin. His background in biochemistry and homeopathy while practicing as an alternative medicine doctor is what inspired Jai Ven Skin’s clean and effective products, and his Native American ancestry inspired some of the product names. Being a mom to a four year old, Gillian wants to nourish her son and family with organic whole foods and limit any exposure to toxic products or chemicals. She believes that Jai Ven Skin’s products fulfill this need while also improving the health of the body’s largest contiguous organ, the skin. She’s especially passionate about the reef-safe sun protection products being a surfer, paddler, and open water swimmer. 

Jai Ven Skin was created for the conscious consumer with ingredients being plant-based, certified organic, and free of artificial chemicals and synthetic preservatives. The unique part about Jai Ven Skin is the addition of Homeopathy to the formulas. Homeopathy is a 200-plus year old system of medicine originating in Germany. This modality has proven to be effective and gentle, safe for children, infants, and the environment. Homeopathy utilizes diluted substances originating from plants, minerals, and the ocean, with the preparations made by focusing on the energetic and subtle frequencies. This delivers a revolutionary and groundbreaking product that is safe and effective for our health, skin, and our delicate planet ecosystems.

We hope you love our clean, effective, organic skin care products as much as we do!


About Dr. Noel Aguilar

Noel Santana Aguilar is the founder and CEO of the DNA Health & Longevity Institute and DNA Skin Inc., located in Ventura, California, USA. Dr. Aguilar's professional career is complemented by education in integrative medicine and Biosciences. He received a Doctorate of Homeopathy from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in Berkeley, CA, as well as a Doctorate in Bio-Chemistry. He also earned a degree in Human Nutrition from The Oriental Medical Institute in Hawaii.

Additionally, Dr. Aguilar spent two years working in facilities researching the biological and toxicological effects of diluted preparations known as Homeo-Therapeutics. He also participated in internships on the topic of Homeo-Toxicology, culture mediums, and manufacturing at the Heel Laboratory located in Baden Baden, Germany.

He furthered his education by earning a Master’s degree in Complementary Medicine from The American University of Complementary Medicine specializing in integrated Herbology, Functional Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and advanced studies in Anatomy/Physiology.

Dr. Aguilar maintains a clinical practice at the DNA Health Institute in Ventura, California, where he specializes in the individualization of human chemistry through holistic and non-invasive modalities. For the last 22 years, Dr. Aguilar has devoted his expertise in crafting advanced and successful skincare formulas and nutraceutical supplements based on proprietary cultured mediums. From 2001-2014 he remained active on the international lecture circuit presenting and speaking on various topics including, but not limited, to biological aging, organic cosmetic formulation, advances in stem cell technology, integrative therapies, and nutritional sciences.

Dr. Aguilar has made it a personal mission over the years to dedicate personal time to rescue, adopt, and humanely train wild American Mustang Horses and homeless dogs. He has saved countless wild horses and dogs from slaughter by personally adopting and training these magnificent animals and finding them forever homes, and some became part of his family. He has sponsored and participated in multiple humanitarian medical expeditions to rural South America providing much-needed camps for the medical attention of indigenous residents. Dr. Aguilar remains an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a founding member of The California Naturopathic Association.

He enjoys the process of restoring classic American muscle cars and motorcycles with his oldest son Nico. Dr. Aguilar also enjoys traveling and expedition-style trips on off-road motorcycles to remote destinations. He will always remain the happiest when spending time helping people, in nature, around his 4-year-old son Noah, and amongst close family and friends.

About Gillian

Gillian is a Massachusetts native who developed her love for the ocean through prone paddleboarding, ocean swimming, standup paddling, and surfing while working as a lifeguard on Cape Cod. After lifeguarding in New Zealand and moving to California, her deep love for water sports and outdoor fitness inspired her to create Paddle Into Fitness and Float Into Fitness. The companies offer SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness Certifications with paddle technique and water safety training for aspiring instructors, as well as outdoor fitness events, retreats, and aquatic fitness mat pool trainings. 

In addition teaching, Gillian began competing in ocean events as a Roxy athlete. She placed first at the Quiksilver Waikiki Festival in the SUP Survivor Race & the Water Woman Race. She also traveled to Peru as a member of Team USA for the ISA World Championships. Gillian has been a regular on the podium in the Battle of the Paddle California and Hawaii, and national lifeguard championships. In addition, Gillian paddled across the Cape Cod Bay to raise money for the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Gillian is passionate about living a natural, balanced and healthy lifestyle. Her journey back to health began five years ago after falling ill during a Paddle Into Fitness retreat to Mexico. She learned more about self healing by doing her own research, reviewing a myriad of peer-reviewed studies, reading books, and listening to podcasts by functional medicine doctors. She loves how powerful our bodies are and how capable they are at healing themselves, given the right tools and the alignment of mind, body, and spirit. 

Before Gillian became pregnant with Noah, she dove more into alternative remedies, detoxing, and functional nutrition to prepare her body for optimal health. Her home birth experience led her to form strong beliefs in medical freedom and informed consent, and she wants to continue to raise her son in alignment with these values and beliefs.

Gillian continues to love playing in the ocean, mountains, and lakes with Noah & Lola (dog), training for aquathlons, and spending time with her family and friends. On the topic of nutrition, Gillian loves juicing, making bone broth, blending together healthy smoothies, growing organic food, and collecting fresh chicken & turkey eggs from her and Noel’s backyard. 

Gillian has a B.S in Sport Management, is an ACE Personal Trainer & Health Coach, E-RYT with Yoga Alliance, certified in NASM fitness nutrition, and is an Ocean Lifeguard/Aquatic EMT. Gillian was a fitness model for Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited, and has worked with numerous national brands like Athleta and Nike. She has been on the cover of Yoga Journal & San Diego Magazine, and has been featured in Self, The Huffington Post, Shape, Outside Online, ESPN Women, and Yahoo Sports.