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Jai Ven Skin is a husband and wife team passionate about living a non-toxic, organic lifestyle close to nature. Dr. Aguilar has over 20 years of experience in the organic skin care industry formulating products for his professional line DNA Skin. His background in biochemistry and homeopathy while practicing as an alternative medicine doctor is what inspired Jai Ven Skin’s clean and effective products, and his Native American ancestry inspired some of the product names. Being a mom to a four year old, Gillian wants to nourish her son and family with organic whole foods and limit any exposure to toxic products or chemicals. She believes that Jai Ven Skin’s products fulfill this need while also improving the health of the body’s largest contiguous organ, the skin. She’s especially passionate about the reef-safe sun protection products being a surfer, paddler, and open water swimmer. 

Jai Ven Skin was created for the conscious consumer with ingredients being plant-based, certified organic, and free of artificial chemicals and synthetic preservatives. The unique part about Jai Ven Skin is the addition of Homeopathy to the formulas. Homeopathy is a 200-plus year old system of medicine originating in Germany. This modality has proven to be effective and gentle, safe for children, infants, and the environment. Homeopathy utilizes diluted substances originating from plants, minerals, and the ocean, with the preparations made by focusing on the energetic and subtle frequencies. This delivers a revolutionary and groundbreaking product that is safe and effective for our health, skin, and our delicate planet ecosystems.

We hope you love our clean, effective, organic skin care products as much as we do!