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It’s 2020! Gone are the days of a one size fits all skincare routine. These days, bespoke skincare is in and this is a trend we see sticking around and evolving for many years to come. Your skin is different from the person next to you and your skin’s needs are definitely different as well. So, let’s talk cocktailing, aka custom skincare tailored to your specific needs.

What is cocktailing?

Cocktailing is the act of combining two or more skincare products that complement each other. Mixing skincare products together optimizes ingredients, offering concentrated benefits for an individual’s skin. Cocktailing is also an excellent way to help simplify your skincare routine by reducing the number of products or applications required throughout your day. Use less product, save time, target your exact skincare needs. Sound like something you’re interested in?

How to cocktail skincare products

There are two approaches to skincare cocktailing. The first is seeking advice from a skincare professional who has an intimate knowledge of ingredients and products that work well together. The second is to do it yourself! Taking the time to study and understand skincare ingredients allows you to experiment on your own. Next, you need to determine what issues you are trying to address. This will help you decide what ingredients to incorporate. And finally, it’s time to start blending. Here are a few tips to consider when doing so:

  • Start slow and use small amounts as you determine what blends your skin likes best.
  • Thin blends with thin.
  • Ingredients meant to penetrate the skin typically shouldn’t be blended with products meant to sit atop the skin. The latter may prevent optimal penetration of the former.
  • Dilute essential oils properly before adding them to any cocktail.

Remember that these are just tips. For example, you may find that some formulas are super concentrated. Mixing them with products of different consistencies may help them perform better or help with ease of application. Test and see what works best for you and your skin. Then share your results with us, your friends, family, etc.! That knowledge is invaluable so help each other out.

Jai Ven Skin products tend to complement each other so they’re perfect for cocktailing. If you find another product that works well with your skin, Jai Ven Skin products play well with others and are often perfect for unlocking more benefits and making them even more effective.

Bottom line

Many skincare ingredients and products work well on their own but are more potent and effective when combined with others. Cocktailing is not only okay, sometimes it’s essential if you want the best results. Take advantage of this and watch your skin transform.

Bonus – Jai Ven Skin’s Favorite Cocktails


Nurture Light Moisturizer + Clarity Blemish Drops + Flow Liquid Hydrator


Divine Eye Cream + Infusion Moisturizing Drops + Flow Liquid Hydrator


Wisdom Corrective Gel + Longevity Anti-Wrinkle Drops + Flow Liquid Hydrator