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Mary, Arizona

“I love the Native Warrior Sunstick and so does my husband! It protects our skin in the desert, in the ocean, in the pool. It doesn’t rub off and only needs to be reapplied every few hours. While I was spending a week in the Costa Rican ocean and sun I found that the best storage for my Sun Stick was in the refrigerator - putting it on felt cool and refreshing. Knowing that I’m using organic, US made product that is safe for the environment makes me very happy! Thanks Jai Ven! Keep up the great work!”

“When I used Wisdom after Blossom as a cleanser (I love how it leaves my skins silky smooth) at night my skin can rejuvenate, rehydrate and rest! I wake up with soft healthier skin. And this is only after a short time using Wisdom! My skin tone is evening out which is huge for a woman who has spent decades outside in the water and sun! I love this product! Always knowing that what I put on my body is as important as what I put into my body. I feel confident using Jai Ven’s organic products!”


“I love my JVS products! The ease and effectiveness of the warrior sun stick is amazing! Having it readily available without making a mess is a huge help getting the kids ready for a day at the lake or getting myself ready for a day of SUP classes! My favorite part is that there are only four ingredients that are all edible and I can pronounce each of them. I’ve avoided sunscreen for years bit and I am happy to be able to know exactly what I’m putting on my body.”

“The Flow liquid hydrator is perfect for after the fun and sun is gone! When I’ve spent a day out on the water & in the wind spraying my face is so refreshing and I use it again in the morning after I wash my face! Thank you JVS for such great, natural products!”

Gillian, california

“I can’t say enough about Jai Ven Skin products. Being an outdoor athlete, I not only need to stay protected from the sun, but need products that can help with all the wear and tear from the wind, sweat, sun, and salt. I use Native Sol Sunscreen every day before heading out the door. When I need more protection from sun exposure, I love the Native Warrior SunStick for swim team, free diving, surfing, and teaching yoga & fitness on paddleboards. After being outdoors, the Awake Scrub is invigorating and cleansing to get off the sunscreen, sweat, and dirt. I follow up with Wisdom Corrective Gel as after suncare which is rich in ocean nutrients and minerals. I mix it with a couple drops of Clarity to help with balancing my skin tone. Besides the fact that this skin care really works - it’s also made with homeopathy, is reef-safe, and is chemical & preservative free. Thanks for creating a conscious & effective product!”

Astrid, Canada

“In all honesty, at first when I received the JVS skin care products, I was hesitant to use them. I have a sensitive skin and can’t use all the products that are available in stores. As a paddle boarding instructor and owner we are a certified SUPkids school as well, teaching children not only the sport but also to look after our environment and especially our water ways. The JVS products are a perfect addition to this - they compliment 100% what we teach our SUPkids. Even my sensitive skin has no problems with the products which made it a no-brainer for me not only to use myself but also to promote it to our clients. Every bit helps to keep our waterways and oceans clean! Thank you for coming up with a fantastic series of skin products that are not harmful to our reefs and waterways.”

Mitzi, North Carolina

"Have you ever completely fell in love with a company and their products? It’s taken me forever until I discovered Jai Ven!! Not only do the products work and smell amazing but they meet all the criteria I’ve been searching for in a company! I love the fact that they are certified organic and give back!! Seriously these products are everything!!!!"

Melissa, California

Jai Ven Skincare is SO GOOD! I've been using it for a few months now and my skin has never looked so healthy! My favorite product is definitely the Wisdom! It is so calming for my skin and makes me look so glowy! Its been such a mission of mine to find a line that is not only clean but you also get results and thats what you get from Jai Ven Skin!.

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